Friday, January 2, 2015

Resolutions: 3 Things I Need to Stop in 2015

Happy New Year guys!

Talk about resolution, I’m not the kind of person who would list all the things I want to be happen in the whole year. 1 year is a pretty much long time, I think, and unpredictable things happen all the time. So I’m not really into listing all the details.

However, generally, I believe we can be a better person each day. Let it be New Year’s Eves, birthdays, or any special occasions. This is more like introspective resolutions, not “Stop eating and lost 10 kg this year” or “Visit 10 new countries” kind of thing.

So, here are the 3 things I should stop in 2015 and on.

1. Stop Doing Things Only For Social Media Sake

You have asthma and can’t breathe with cigarettes smoke around you, but you still go to the club just to post the pictures in the social media. Trust me; this phenomenal really happens in Jakarta. You shouldn't be miserable just to be able to show people that you’re so hip, or something like that.
Just, stop it. It’s not healthy. You may have an “attention-whore-disorder” or “thirsty-of-people’s-approval syndrome”. Go see a psychiatric.

2. Stop Trying To Please Everybody

I can’t stress this enough, but THERE’S NO WAY TO PLEASE EVERYBODY IN YOUR LIFE. You don’t live for people’s happiness; you live for YOUR happiness.
I’ll be quitting my job and go to Japan this year. My family might not approve this 100% (though my Mom is acting very supportive, thank God). The managers in my office might not be happy. But if I have to please everybody, I’ll never make any decision for my life, ever. Something’s gotta give.

3. Stop Expecting People To Do Something You Think They Should Do

It’s the other side of the coin of the 2 first points. Just because a person is living in a metropolitan city, they don’t have to wear branded stuff all the time (and miserably eating instant noodles at the end of the month). Just because a person has a technical degree doesn’t mean he/she can’t open up a café and be a cook.
Stop pushing your opinion and be judgmental all the time. It’s none of your business. You do people a favor by stop shoving what you think ideal to their brains.

That’s my so-called-revolutions this year. Ganbare!

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