Sunday, June 19, 2016

Indonesian - Japanese blends in

Got a full time job now! I’m working at a Japanese company as a real estate consulting for Japanese who lives in Indonesia. Pfft, spoiled brats. Ikr? Such first world country citizens. Anyhoo, anything that keeps me talking in Japanese language and keeps me away from being sad with the fact that I’m now back in Jakarta, I’d do it. Plus the money is not bad, actually. Cant’ complain.

After working there for more than 2 weeks now, I realize that I entered a very unique office. Nothing fancy with being a real estate consultant, don’t get me wrong. I’m talking about the people here: my co workers. If you wanna know how close Indonesia and Japan is, simply walk to my office. You’ll see the result and the future of blending Indonesians and Japanese. You’ll be amazed, at least I do.

First, let’s start with a guy with initial T. It’s a Japanese name. He’s in late 20s, means he was born around 1987 (?). His Dad is an Indonesian and his Mom is a Japanese. When I first saw him, I didn’t realize that he was a ‘half' person, since his face was very ‘Indonesia'. He is tall, got this dark face, big eyes, big nose. So when I heard his name, I took a second look at his face, checking to find any Japanesey trace in his face. But nope, pure Indonesian look. He grew up mostly in Indonesia, so his dialect is pure native Indonesian tongue. But he can speak Japanese well.

And then there’s a girl named H, also a Japanese name. Her Dad is a Japanese and her Mom is a Chinese Indonesian (or maybe reversed between her Mom and Dad, I forgot). I guess she spent enough time in Japan or because she studied in a Japanese school in Jakarta, she speaks perfect Japanese with flawless dialect. At the same time she also speaks good Indonesian language and English. I heard she was studying in Canada for her bachelor degree. Now this, is a case where I think the world’s not fair. Lol. She claims she never dated a Japanese guy and never will.

Move on, there’s a pure Japanese girl named M. She studied Indonesian language in University of Indonesia (equal to Tokyo University?). She speaks pretty good Indonesian language, but need some work on her dialect. Apparently she is dating an Indonesian guy (who studied at the same university with me, only different major, lol). I once heard she called her bf and spoke in Japanese. I asked her and she said yes her bf speaks Japanese too. He studied by himself. Power of love, much? She claims she loves Indonesia because there’s no winter here, which is understandable. She looks like enjoying her time here and even said she doesn’t wanna go back to Japan, yet.

And then we have another pure Japanese girl named A. Also studied Indonesian language in University of Indonesia. Also need a little work with her dialect. She also has an Indonesian boyfriend. She’s like the super ‘Indonesianey' Japanese I ever met. She loves Indonesian food, not having trouble with spicy food like any other Japanese. And she swears like an Indonesian, lol. I sometimes shocked with her collection of Indonesian language swearing words.

And then there’s an Indonesian girl named R. She studied Japanese language in a university in Jakarta. She told me that she’s sort of dating an Indonesian guy who was born in Japan and grew up there until he was 22 years old. ‘Sort of’ because she said their relationship is not that serious, they don’t plan any future together and the guy is now super busy with his new business so he couldn’t make her as his first priority. Yes, typical Japanese guy, just he’s a pure Indonesian. Confusing.

And then there’s me. Dating a Japanese guy who doesn’t speak any Indonesian language (but currently self-studying) and never went to Indonesia before.

Funny world.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

I left my heart in Japan

It’s been almost a month since I left Japan; Osaka to be exact. Not even a night I spent without mising Japan and wishing I could go back there again. In the first 2 weeks, I still thought that it’s normal and it’s not a big deal. I think when a person had lived in a certain place for quite some time, they will surely miss it while adapting to the new place (or in my case, adapting to the chaos Jakarta again).

But recently I think it starts to get worser as the ache in my heart doesn’t seem to start to recover at all. I started to think that it’s not healthy to keep thinking like "urgh, it’s not how we do it in Japan", "argh, the public transportation here is so shitty", or "wow this country definitely isn’t going anywhere at least in 200 years". I do, think like that unconsciously, the whole time. It consumes me more than I want to admit.

I think the effect is close to a heartbreak. It’s pretty much like you just broke up with your girlfriend / boyfriend. The sadness, the cries, the mourn, the pain, the list is going on like crazy. The ache in your heart everytime you see anything related to your ex, is the exact same ache I feel everytime I see anything related to my life back when I was in Japan. Everytime I hear the songs I used to hear a lot in Japan, I can’t help to be sad, no matter what I do, no matter where I am.

I read somewhere that you can be addicted to sadness, and I realized that when I’m voluntarily give my heart a space to be sad. I will turn on the ‘Osaka playlist’ songs and just lay down in my bed hugging my pillow and let tears start falling down my cheeks. Now THIS is not healthy, at all. It’s not OK and I dont know what do I have to do to get over it.

Japan. This country touches my heart, to the deepest part of it, slowly grabbed it and now Japan is completely the owner of my heart.

I left my heart in Japan.